2020 EUROPEAN MEN's & WOMEN's TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS                                                                              LIÉVIN - FRANCE


2018: Kazan (Russia)
Kazan (Russia)
2014: Basel (Switzerland)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2010: Warsaw (Poland)
2008: Almere (Netherlands)
2006: Thessaloniki (Greece)

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European Games
- It was my dream
12 weeks ago, Lilit Poghosyan, a player at Badminton Europe’s Centre of Excellence, didn't know if she would qualify for the European Games in Minsk. The 22-year old, who has overcome different challenges since she joined the CoE in 2017, is now one of three players from the group heading to the...
Finally, who has qualified for Minsk?
Who will we see in Minsk?
Flashback to 2015
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General Information
The European Men's & Women's Team Championships is played in week 7 in even years. The event officially crowns the best male and female national teams in Europe and at the same time works as the European qualification event towards the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals.

The 2020 event will be played in Liévin, France, from 11-16 February, in the Arena Stade Couvert.
Here you will be able download the relevant documents for the event in Liévin: